How Lookout Enables Post-Perimeter Security

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What is Post-Perimeter Security

The world has changed. Today people work from anywhere, accessing corporate data from devices that can’t always be trusted. At the same time, the expectation of user privacy has soared, making it even harder to protect devices from bad actors - who are increasingly targeting users no longer protected by traditional perimeter-based security. That’s why critical security services must move to the endpoint, and access to data must be based on a continuous assessment of trust, from an assumption of zero trust.

How to trust devices in a Zero-Trust model

To create trust for devices in a zero-trust world, Lookout Continuous Conditional Access works behind the scenes, dynamically monitoring the health of the endpoint while the user is connected to the enterprise. Only trusted devices are allowed to connect to enterprise infrastructure and data, for both managed and unmanaged deployments. This continuous assessment of risk begins at the start of a session and the entire time a user is accessing corporate data.

Protection beyond your perimeter solutions

In a post-perimeter world, critical functions must move to the endpoint as they connect to the enterprise outside the reach of traditional perimeter security. A key function subject to this move is phishing and content protection. Lookout Phishing AI crawls the internet looking for the creation of new phishing sites. Based on proactively determined reputation for sites using an AI detection engine, Lookout inspects URLs from any app on the device and dynamically blocks requests to sites identified as malicious.

Lookout enables continuous conditional access

Since attacks like mobile phishing and device vulnerability exploitation can take place in a matter of seconds without the end user realizing it, Lookout continuously assesses the health of any device accessing corporate data by dynamically monitoring the health of an endpoint while a user is connected to the enterprise. By using Continuous Conditional Access to monitor risk and trust, organizations can allow only healthy devices to connect to platforms storing sensitive data; removing the threat from device, app, or network risks.

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